The sunlight model- setting up factions

We are you. You are us. We have a common oppressor beating down on all of us daily, the capitalist police state which serves and protects the corporations. Often when we issue communiqués or appear on radio, television or in other print media our message of resistance is simple: keep going and form other groups. We never say how though.

Charges dropped against chalk protestors, but they plan to sue over arrest

By Bethany Barnes | Las Vegas Sun | Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 | 2:09 p.m.

The District Attorney’s Office announced today that the Las Vegas chalk activists won’t face graffiti charges but their attorney says they’ll still be heading to court to sue.

Now that the charges are being dropped, Robert Langford, the activists’ pro-bono attorney, is preparing to sue on the basis that his clients were punished for speaking out against the government.

Sunset Activists Arrested for Chalking

On Aug. 10th 2013 during a Second Saturday action, Ballentine, Kelly, and JR* were arrested and are now being held in CCDC on two counts of graffiti/ defacing property and two counts of conspiracy to commit non felony crime, each.We are calling for solidarity from our comrades. Their court date is Aug. 13th. Every day until then we are asking that Sunset members go to CCDC in solidarity and demand their release. At the very least make an appearance, numbers do count. Show our comrades they are not alone. Show LVMPD that these injustices will NOT be tolerated!

Second Saturday Actions

Due to the continued abuse of the public by the Las Vegas metropolitan police department, a coalition of activist groups from across the southwest has been meeting every second Saturday of the month in front of the pigs' headquarters to express our disgust with the racist police force by chalking their sidewalk and making them feel uncomfortable. We recognize that any amount of chalk won't repair the damage done by this occupying army of steroid abusing trigger happy murderers but at least it will serve as a therapeutic outlet for its growing list of innocent victims.

About the Sunset Activist Collective

The Sunset Activist Collective is a group composed of long time activists in the Las Vegas area that emerged from the local Occupy movement. Sunset has been involved in most of the actions locally. Our members heavily influence local activism, work with other groups such as Food Not Bombs, the United Coalition of Immigrant Rights and the Moapa Band of the Paiute tribe to name a few. We played a formative role in creating the current spokes model used by We have members in Las Vegas and Portland, Oregon.